ZETO was built in the years 1966-1969 according to the design of Anna and Jerzy Tarnawski on behalf of the Institution of Electronic Computing Technology (hence its name). The well-known architect duo designed a three-story office building in the center of Wrocław on a simple and regular rectangular plan with a green patio in the center and a terrace on the south side, with a café next to it.

The building was exceptionally modern for those times. Large, striped glazing on the façade, the use of air conditioning, and an open plan that allows for changes in arrangement made ZETO unique and emphasized the importance of Wrocław as a new center of information technology.

ZETO has been awarded many times, including: in 1971 for the best public building. Since then, the facility has fallen into disrepair. After many efforts, in 2022 the building was entered into the register of monuments, but the fight to preserve it is still ongoing because the owner appealed against this decision.

ZETO is one of the few remaining icons of late modernist architecture in Poland, restoring it to its glory should be in everyone's interest!

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